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AppZule amplifies your experience in your Apple iDevice with a vast collection of best & free Applications, Customizations, Tweaks, Themes and more. AppZule will uplift you from typical iOS users and gives you the best user experience that you never had before. Why wait? Just tap on Download button below and see the difference.

Main Features

Free Jailbreak Apps

The uniqueness in AppZule is, you do not need to jailbreak your Apple device to download jailbreak Apps. AppZule will allow users to install third-party applications with more advanced features than regular applications. You just need to have AppZule installed on your iOS device, AppZule will take care of the rest.

Huge Collection of Apps

AppZule has a large collection of latest and famous jailbreak apps, tweaks, themes, games and much more. You can install the latest apps and tweaks instantly from the AppZule app store. You can filter applications by category and also you can search for new apps. You can also see trending apps which will have larger user audience.

24/7 Customer Support

AppZule provides 24/7 instant support for AppZule users. So, through this guaranteed support users can resolve issues very smoothly. No hassle, anytime you can contact AppZule support agent and get user-friendly support from AppZule support team.

Experience the Latest Beta Versions

You will be registered with us with your UDID (Unique Device Identifier used by Apple that use to activate the device using iCloud and Apple Store) and other unique credentials. So you can experience the latest beta releases on applications which will release for developers.

Login and sync all of your devices

You can log in to AppZule using your social media account, Then all of your purchases will sync with your profile. All of your installation histories will sync with your profile.

Unlimited Apps for Free

Through the AppZule App Store, you can download a large collection of premium jailbreak Apps for free and for few bucks.

How AppZule Works?

AppZule app store uses the latest and most secure technologies. Because AppZule team always researching about AppZule App performance, version compatibility and security along with the new features. With AppZule, you can download jailbreak apps even without jailbreaking. So AppZule app core has many advanced features which will enable this awesome functionality. AppZule contains advanced high secured core framework with high performance. Even though AppZule has an advanced process inside it, users won’t feel any difficulties when they are using it. Because AppZule has the best user experience and anyone can simply learn how to use this app.

How to Install AppZule Store?

The AppZule installation process is super easy and fast. If you are a rookie or a new member to the AppZule community, get ready to experience the best jailbreak apps, tweaks, and many more unique features only available on AppZule. You just need to Click the "Download" button and AppZule system will do the compatibility test for your Apple Device. If your device is compatible with AppZule app you can click "Install" Button. Then you can see AppZule verified secured application installation view. Finally, AppZule is ready to install into your device. You just need to click the "Install" button on the top right side of the screen. After the installation, go to the home screen in your device and hit on AppZule icon. Get the experience of the largest app platform.


AppZule Premium



You can feel the uniqueness of AppZule by installing AppZule free version.

From the free version, you can experience some of our apps, tweaks, themes and games which are free for AppZule users.



When you have AppZule free version, you can see that there are some restrictions on some applications.
You will think you need more freedom on app installation. So you can purchase AppZule Silver version for just $9.99. There are a vast collection of apps, tweaks, themes, and games available for Silver users.



AppZule Gold, much better than the Silver version with larger app collection and experience the uniqueness of AppZule even broader way.



Do you need to be a part of AppZule VIP user base? AppZule Platinum does not have any boundary, restriction or limit.
You can install any app, tweak, theme, game. And Experience the full privileges. Get UDID registration free with all of our apps, themes, tweaks, and games.

AppZule Apps

You will be registered with us with your UDID (Unique Device Identifier used by Apple
that use to activate the device using iCloud and Apple Store) and other unique credentials. So you can get the most recent beta
releases on applications which will release for developers.




NBA 2k19

Pop Corn Time

Betternet Pro



Download AppZule

It is really easy to download AppZule. You can just download AppZule free version and experience the awesomeness of AppZule. Just click the download button. After the compatibility check, AppZule Application will get installed to your device. AppZule has many useful unique free apps, themes, tweaks, and games. Also, AppZule contains advanced unique apps, themes, tweaks and games for privileged users. You expose to a vast area of applications from AppZule



What are the unique features available on AppZule App Store?

AppZule keeps its' uniqueness with the latest reliable and top-rated Apps, Themes, Games, and Tweaks. AppZule offers many unique apps which are not available for free users. And most of these applications are not available in AppStore.

What is UUID Registration in AppZule and Why is it important for AppZule User?

If you are an Apple Device User, You have knowledge in UUID also known as Unique Device Identifier. After this UUID registration, We will keep track of you in our priority VIP users list. And we will add your UUID into our Apple Developer account. Also, you will be a priority user and You will receive the latest promotions, discounts, free giveaways and also news about future apps. And also this registration will rectify certificate issues and Users can use AppZule without any certificate issue.

If I have full version of AppZule, Can i install all the Apps?

Yes, You can install all the apps. But some apps may need root access for their functionality. So you will need a jailbroken device to install those Apps.

Is there any other option available apart from UUID registration with AppZule?

Yes you can directly Apply for Apple Developer program and buy their license for $99 annually. Now you can understand the uniqueness of AppZule. There will be one time payment for our privileged account and earn lifetime membership.

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